Terms of Trade

Any order you place with us constitutes your agreement to be bound by these terms. Any variation needs to be confirmed in writing.

  • 1. Price
    All prices are quoted excluding GST unless otherwise specified. Some prices are an estimate but we will advise you if it appears there will be any major variation. Any changes to the original specification are likely to result in a changed price. Hardware quotes are subject to variation of cost of component parts from other suppliers until the quotation has been accepted and confirmed by Treshna.
    • Rates
        Standard rate: up to 20hrs work per month
          $150/hr – senior technicians, 10 years + experience
          $95/hr – qualified intermediate technicians

        Discounted rate: more than 20hrs work per month
          $130/hr – senior technicians, 10 years + experience
          $85/hr – qualified intermediate technicians

        Minimum charge is 15min; then charged at 1min increments.

  • 2. Quotations
    Estimates are based on instructions from the client. After initial discussion and before quotation it is preferred that instructions be confirmed in writing. Treshna cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions in interpreting the client’s verbal instructions. All quotes are only valid for up to 1 month unless otherwise stated.

  • 3. Payment
    All accounts are payable by the 20th of the following month unless otherwise agreed. Payment for hardware will normally be due within 7 days of being available. We reserve the right to withdraw credit at any time in which case accounts must be settled immediately on receipt of invoice. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by us in recovering any outstanding moneys shall be paid by the customer. Where payment terms have been spread over a fixed term, default on monthly payments can result in any remaining charge for the term being invoiced and recovered.

  • 4. Ownership
    Ownership for all goods including copyright will not be passed on to the client until all monies due are paid in full.

  • 5. Delivery All freight or courier costs or similar disbursements incurred in the delivery of the clients job are chargeable.

  • 6. Return of Goods
    Unless advice is received within 14 days of any dispute related to delivery, hardware or software a credit may not be approved. This does not negate any warranty given or obligations under the laws of NZ. Our suppliers require returned hardware to be in original condition and they decide if a return is acceptable. A restocking fee of 35% may be charged.

  • 7. Insurance
    Insurance of client’s property is their responsibility as is our hardware when in their care.

  • 8. Intellectual Property
    Ownership of design work will remain with Treshna subject to any other arrangements made with the client.

  • 9. Clients Data
    All data belonging to the client will be kept confidential by Treshna and remains the property of the client.

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