Remote Support for Linux Users

Note: these instructions are only for Linux users. If you have a Windows operating system click on the Support link above.

To use Remote Support on a computer with a Linux operating system, open a terminal window, and paste in the code below then enter the port number that your Treshna support technician has given you. Instructions for doing this are are below.

This will create a temporary connection with our network that will close when you close the window the Terminal is running in.

How to open a Terminal and connect

Step 1. Open the Terminal

Click on Applications Menu, select Accessories, and then Terminal. (This will open a new window which will have a line of text.)

Step 2. Copy and paste code into Terminal

Highlight the code below and copy it, then go to the terminal and paste in the code

The best way to do this is to highlight the code with your mouse, right-click with your mouse on the highlight, choose copy. Go to the Terminal window, move your mouse to the spot after the $, right click and choose Paste. Hit enter. (Note, the shortcut key Ctrl+V won’t work – you’ll need to use the right mouse button and choose Paste from the menu)

echo ; x11vnc="`which x11vnc`" ;if  ! [ -e "$x11vnc" ]  
then echo please install the x11vnc package. 1>&2
else  echo Please enter the port number given you by treshna staff below. 
echo -n "port number? " ; read port 
x11vnc -xkb -connect$((port)) ; fi

Step 3. Enter a port number

You will be prompted to enter a port number. Your Treshna technician will give you this when you ring them.

Not working?

For this code this to work you will need to have X11VNC installed.

To install X11VNC. Go to the Applications menu, and choose Ubuntu Software Centre. Search for X11VNC (note that the second and third digits are the numeral 1, not letter L). If X11VNC is not installed it will either say ‘X11VNC: command not found’ or give you the option to install it. Once you have installed it, try Step 2 again.