Papyrus has only been tested under debian, so package names may vary between distributions. A lot of these packages are used inside a bash script, so the error messages can be quite cryptic.

Check the README file in the .tar.gz for more details on dependencies. MySQL and PostgreSQL connections are handled by dynamically loaded modules, but you will have linking or runtime problems if you don’t have both the postgresql and mysql development and runtime files installed.

If you want to disable one of the databases I recommend you remove that dynamic library generated by papyrus (ie so that it won’t try and link against that database.

Papyrus has a number of dependencies:
  • Libxml2 – for parsing XML files
  • automake 1.6 or higher. Yacc and Bison. glib 2.0 or higher
  • ImageMagick – for the command line tool to convert images
  • PostgreSQL connection libriares (libpq) – to connect to postgres databases
  • MySQL connection libraries – to connect to MySQL databases
  • LibGDA library – to connect to other databases (such as Oracle, SQLite)
  • Latex and Dvips – for generating printable (ie PS and PDF) documents
Optional Requirements
  • Acroread – to view PDF files
  • gv – to view PS files
  • xdvi – to view latex files
  • Mozilla – to view HTML files
  • xsl tools – to use new html version