Redefine how your studio is run with Serenity Studio Management Software.

Serenity bookings ties all the key tools for studio management into one comprehensive, easy to use system. Sit back and let us take care of your bookings, billing, communications, and other admin tasks so you can focus on what matters most. The key to Serenity is smart autonomy at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Streamlining the experience for clients makes your life easier while also helping your business grow at scale.


All the tools you could ever need to streamline your studio.

Client Bookings App & Portal

Make customer bookings a snap with the Serenity Mobile App. Let clients book appointments, manage memberships and make payments from anywhere and at any time–straight from their mobile device.

Crafted to encourage bookings and customer retention, the app brings you closer to customers by allowing you to reach them from anywhere.

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Automated Billing

Automatically charge clients for fees from memberships, bookings and other purchases at your studio with your preferred choice of billing partner. The system will automatically follow up on those who miss payments with smart, personalised debt collection messages.

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Studio Access & Check-in

Grant clients access to the studio or specific resources and rooms within the facility via personal key fobs or Bluetooth. The system will store visitation information and check the customers in to their bookings so you know who has been in your studio, what bookings they attended and when.

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Point of sale & Inventory

Sell products, services and concession packs through an easy to use point of sale system optimised both for desktop, tablet or mobile. Any sales will be tracked for easy accounting and stock management purposes.

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Marketing & Retention

Grow your studio's customer base with auto marketing and retention tools to help reach more clients and build relationships that last. Automatically collect leads and progress them through the sales funnel with personalised Email, SMS and push notifications.

Send mass newsletters to keep everyone in the loop, or send targeted promotions to a segment of your clientele most likely to cancel for quick cashflow and increased retention.

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Reporting & KPIs

Serenity's advanced reporting and KPI system allows you to check business health at a glance, or delve deep into the details for a clearer picture behind the scenes of your studio. Everything is tracked in real time, allowing you to pick up on trends and jump on business opportunities as they arise.

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