We are expert, innovative software developers and consultants for hire. We specialise in the development of business software solutions that work.
Our expertise is in open source, database solutions, android and cloud computing.
We have the skills and the experience to work with you in transforming your ideas into successful products. We can work as independent support and expertise with your existing team, or help you get an idea off the ground.

Why we do what we do

Treshna Enterprises arose in 1997 out of the firm belief of myself (Andrew Hill) and Andre Renauld in a world where software respects our freedom. Freedom to adapt software to our needs, where software is open source and is free; as in free-speech, liberty.

Early on in our development we became active in Open Source software including involvement in international development teams for programmes. We saw the benefit of capable people working together to improve software systems, sharing the outcome and enabling cheaper access, and continue to use open source as a platform for successful, innovative and affordable business software development.

By using open source software we can build, improve, and adapt on the work of others. Open source gives us the freedom to provide clients with tailored solutions that keep up with the fast-paced evolution of today’s business environment.

15 years ago when we started pioneering it, open source was used sparingly. Today, free open source software touches every aspect of the technology industry.

What we’ve done

We’ve developed dozens of comprehensive large software systems over the last 15 years. Some examples of our work include a payroll system (Paymaster), an accommodation package for the hospitality industry (Reserve-it) and a software programme for bakeries (BakeryMaster).

Gym Master was originally a software programme written for a large membership based organisation and it became evident that there was considerable potential for marketing the software to other gyms and organisations. The decision was made to concentrate on the further development, marketing and support of Gym Master. The software has been very well received in the market for its functionality and value, applicable for small clubs to large multi-facility companies. It’s presence within the New Zealand market has been established and Gym Master can now be found managing gym memberships worldwide.

Where we’re going

In today’s environment there’s an endless stream of opportunity in software development, with open source leading the way.
We see exciting new and existing innovation in the mobile and javascript web application arena, and will continue to campaign the ideals of GNU and see greater innovation in the industry.

We will continue to work closely with our clients while holding true to the core values that we’ve held throughout our years in the industry; honesty, reliability, innovation and providing true value.

The team

The staff at Treshna are our greatest strength. Fresh ideas from younger members combine with the experience of those who’ve been in this industry for over 15 years, resulting in a strong technical team of software developers and IT consultants. We often employ undergraduate students with fresh thinking for specific projects giving them an opportunity to build their practical skills.
The benefit of such a range of experience and skills for our clients is our ability to delegate problems to the person best suited to finding the solution.

If you think your skills could be an asset to the Treshna team, please email andru@treshna.com.

Andrew Hill, B Com

Managing Director
Founder of Treshna Enterprises

Terry Hill, CA(Ret), ACIS, FNZIM, M Inst D, Dip CRS

Chairman of the Board

Jasen Betts, BSc
Senior Developer and Engineer

Luke Tsavousis, B Com
Technical Sales and Service

Callum Trayner, BICT
Senior Developer and Engineer

Ben Marsh
Technical Sales and Service

Mal Dimock
Sales & Training Consultant

Hollie Henderson, BAA
Sales & Training Consultant

Alison Tipping, BSc
Administration and Office Manager

Dylan Watts, BCompSc
Software Developer

Zach Lang, PG DipSci, BSc
Software Developer

Russell Tomes, BSc, PG DipSci
IT Consultant

Jayden Jemison, BSc (Hons)
Software Developer

Shamsher Singh BICT
Software Developer

Antony Gunn, BICT
Software Developer

Edward Armstrong, BSc (Hons)
Software Developer and Electrical Engineer

Callum Nicoll, BSc
Software Developer and Engineer

Zhiren (Ryan) Hu, BEng
Software Developer and Engineer

Chris Jensen, BSc
Software Developer

Francis Zac Hong, BEng (Hons)
Software Developer

Vincent Tjoandi, BICT
Website Designer and Developer

Michael Roman, BE (Hons)
Software Developer

Sarah Turnbull, BA
Sales and Logistics Support

Fiona Ambler, B Com
Digital Marketing Specialist