PayMaster Payroll

Paymaster was developed in New Zealand to match the needs of both small and large organisations. Utilising an easily customisable back-end, that calculates the results to help meet the diverse requirements of your specific payroll. Complex tax laws, leave, varying pay rates, allowances, superannuation are just some of the things our payroll system can handle. It can also handle cost accounting by analysing and reporting wage costs to multiple branches and departments, different pay rates, etc. Full reporting features are available.

Paymaster runs under Gnome on Linux, and uses a PostgreSQL database to store all information, so you can be sure your payroll records are locked away safe and secure. Designed to seamlessly run in a networked environment, WAN and LAN, you can even connect to your database via the Internet (with appropriate security encryption in place of course)

Open Source

Call us crazy, but we’ve open sourced PayMaster which means you can use it free of charge! If you already have a PostgreSQL server simply download it to start using PayMaster in your organisation today. If you are a developer, we are always looking to support your country. Although we are no longer actively developing PayMaster, we are willing to assist on a paid project basis.