Yet Another Python Framework

The basics of yapf and what it provides

What we aim to achieve

  • Fast release cycles for websites, measured in hours/days not weeks/months
  • Framework that doesn’t get in your way
  • Strong SQL support, write your own queries
  • Fast and easy to design forms
  • Support both OO and Functional programming in Python
  • Dynamic friendly urls, generated by your code or from the database
  • Includes content management system
  • Treating the SQL Server as the model in MVC – Avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Model cleanly sits in the database not in the code

Python Framework, Point of Difference

Yapf is build on top of Werkzeug, a powerful collection utilities for building frameworks on.
With so many frameworks out there our main point of difference is what we are not, not what we provide.

  • No automatic code generation (Avoid a whole class of bug, know your own code)
  • No obscure OO query language pretending to be SQL (Avoid reinventing proven technology)
  • No ORM wrapper on top of SQL (Avoid scablability issues with hundreds of queries per request)
  • No inheritance model design; The SQL server is our Model (Avoid duplication of code, keep it simple)

Python CGI

There is a content management front end system that runs on the front of the site.

Content management system – CMS

Yapf concentrates on been a simple CMS without all the bells and whistles. Simple pages, easy to manage content. And been able to totally customise the pages on how they work. Mako is used as the templating engine on the front end of sites to drive the content on how the website is presented.

Version 2 of Yapf is under heavy development at the moment. We have yet to release a stable production version as of May 2010. A snapshot daily is available here.

Version 1 is downloadable from subversion,

svn checkout svn://

Version 2 breaks API compatibility with version 1