Why use Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing allows your business structure to exist beyond the walls of your workspace; your business will be accessible anywhere, on any device

The Cloud is the infrastructure and mass processing and storage capacity of the internet. Using it means a lighter-weight business model; it removes the need for expensive servers, it frees up time, space, and allows employees to have instant up-to-date business information on any device, be it MacOS, iOS, Android or Windows. This allows for easy collaboration on projects between employees or contractors on opposite sides of the office and opposite sides of the world.

Using Cloud can reduce business costs through a decreased need in technology infrastructure, both hardware and software; increasing business efficiency and flexibilty.

Managed Cloud Hosting

We monitor your cloud servers, for free

We manage and maintain your servers on the cloud. We carry out all system administration work, upgrading and maintaining your software and websites. We check for server faults periodically, keeping servers in good working order. Regular audits are done for security and backups.

Preventative maintenance is important to seek out potential faults before they can cause downtime.

Contact us today to find out whether you should be heading into the Cloud, and how to make the most of the opportunities it can offer your business.