Need an experienced, innovative and reliable software developer? With fresh ideas and a depth of expertise, we will work with you in creating the tailored software that fulfills the needs of your business; on time.

I need a software developer to create reliable software for my business

Whether you’re a start-up company or a large business looking for an affordable software solution that doesn’t exist off-the-shelf, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting started is easy;

  • Contact us and talk to a Treshna software developer; confirm that we can create what you need

  • We’ll set up a free consultation with one of our software developers

  • We take the time to understand your business vision and needs, then put together a no-obligation proposal including quote and delivery time estimates

  • If we know of an existing software solution that already does what you’re looking for, we’ll let you know
Consult an Expert Software Developer

I need customised software working for my business – asap

We follow an Agile Software Management business model; this means fast turnaround. You’ll have delivery of an evolving, reliable software solution every 2 weeks.

Agile Software Cycle - Software Developer

We develop the software to incorporate all features required in order of priority, with ongoing feedback and consultation with your business every two weeks to ensure our solution continues to match your requirements.
By building the basics first and evolving from there with ongoing collaboration between software developer and business, what’s created is a far better software solutions for your business.

Additionally, Agile management allows for easy adaptations to completed software and we endeavour to made any changes within the day. Your software will grow with your business.

I need an expert software developer to assist on a project

We can provide an expert software developer to work with your project to solve problems quickly.

We provide specialised expertise in helping businesses with parts of their product lines built on open source products/platforms, including postgresql, drupal, wordpress, linux, etc.

Consult an Expert Software Developer

I have a software project that needs to be picked up

If you have a project that needs a new team, we’re available to get it done.

We have a team of expert software programmers on hand. If this is a partially completed project that has stumped teams in the past or a project that has been completed and needs to be taken to the next stage, we can help. We support a range of programming languages so we won’t need to do a complete rewrite.

We work closely with your business to ensure continued development is fulfilling requirements.
Contact us to discuss your project.

Examples of software we have developed :

  • Hotel reservation and booking systems
  • CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems for a variety of industries
  • A leading SMTP solution provider
  • Beauty therapy management software
  • Membership software for various industries
  • Gym Management Software
  • Sonar buoy position software for oil exploration
  • Payroll and HR system
  • Door control software
  • Billing and banking systems
  • Legal document processing and creation system
  • Auction sites
  • A leading wireless hot spot solution
  • PABX call centre software
  • Interactive kiosks for numerous organisations
  • Internet kiosks for motels and hotels
  • Bakery production and accounting software
  • Open source reporting system
  • Open source form reporting system
  • Several time and materials systems
  • Open source database replication service

Some of our Everyday Programming Languages:


We are leading experts in SQL programming. SQL databases is where most of the worlds information is stored. SQL is a common standard query language, designed to talk to the databases. We use PostgreSQL predominately, but also deliver solutions around Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL.


Python is a beautiful language. Born out of British comedy and spam by its creators watching way too much Monty Python’s Holy Grail. We tend to use Python for a lot of our websites and scripting. Web solutions are always difficult to bring everything together, and Python is such an elegant solution that allows websites stand the test of time. Highly reliable, structured, clean and scaleable. A mature language that works well.
From the Python language we have and use Flask and Django – web application frameworks – and Werkzeug, a WSGI utility library for Python.


As a longtime software developer, this is a language I personally love. Very fast to develop and deploy, with the freedom to adjust to changing business logic, plans, rules. Our software developers often use PL/PGSQL as an API interface to business databases. With a light front end wrappers running on various platforms to these PL/PGSQL code sets. There is no need to do data retrieval and processing at the front end.

HTML5, CSS and Javascript

This is the building blocks of the world wide web. HTML is the content of what is displayed, CSS is used for styling, JavaScript can bring it all together. HTML5 + JavaScript can be used for mobile app development, or for binding web pages to cloud servers. Our software developers develop a lot of code around JQuery integrating JSON services.


As an Android software developer who believes in creating the best app’s for customers, Treshna supports their Android app development using the Java JVM tools.

C, C++, Objective C

C may be one of the oldest modern languages around, being born in the 1970’s. It is also one of the most universal languages. Software written in C is portable across all devices and operating systems. It is low level, powerful and incredibly fast. Any software developer will know the importance of using and understanding C. The team at Treshna have been developing in C for over 20 years. C is a language in for the long haul and will stand the test of time. Whether it’s embedded software systems, cross platform solutions or maintaining existing projects, we can provide a solution that works well.


PHP has progressively grown into a mainstream language since its birth as an HTML templating system. We have 12 years experience as PHP developers and have used it for countless websites. For small website and scripts it’s great for fast solutions. We use Word Press and Drupal and can assist on large or small sites.