The smartphone mobile market has revolutionised the way people interact with businesses and with the world. The question is not whether you should be going mobile; but how you are going to utilize this technology to enhance your business.

Mobile is the next step in the evolution of computers, where computers are getting smaller and phones/tablets are getting more powerful. Solutions that would have historically been written for the desktop computer, or as a website, are now being developed as apps instead.

Creating an App for your Business

Customised apps are more accessible – and more affordable – than you may think.

We can create high quality basic apps written in Native Java in as little as 15 hours for Android. We prefer Native Java as it produces high-end apps with a faster app speed and an intuitive feel-good interface, providing the best features and best overall mobile experience.

As an even more affordable alternative with a broader reach, we can build a cross-platform app on the web using PhoneGap in as little as 20 hours. PhoneGap is an open source solution which allows your app to perform on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones.

We offer a free consultation; we take the time to understand your company so we can work together to create an app that will enhance your business. Contact us to get mobile working for you.

Get your mobile working for You - Android App Developer

Our Expertise

Developing Native Apps for Android and iOS.

Native apps give you an edge in the market place. They are more responsive, and follow design paradigms of iOS and Android, giving you an intuitive experience true to the device. The highest quality apps are native, and will be much more likely to earn a 4 or 5 star review from the app’s users.

Porting iOS Objective C apps to Android

Do you have a great app, that works well under iOS, but want to grow its market share?

We can assist by providing quick porting services while still using the same API interface you have under iOS.

PhoneGap HTML mobile app solution

PhoneGap is a popular middle man solution to get cross-compatibility across devices. We can provide HTML Javascript mobile websitologies that run inside PhoneGap. This allows you to deploy to multiple markets at once, and reduces complexity around maintaining 2 or more code bases.

Business Apps to help your business.

Want to free workers from their desks? Allow them to have the right information wherever they are at the touch of a button, without the hassle of having to have a network connection and a laptop.

We can build on your existing systems and develop apps to deliver solutions to you and your staff.

API interface solution

We can provide JSON and XML REST interface solutions onto existing SQL databases. This allows you to tie your mobile apps to your existing database infrastructure. We have developed several data synchronization methodologies to manage data on many devices and keep records unique and synced.

App developer partner

Treshna can work as a part of your development team to provide apps to leverage your existing software. Or provide apps to address existing needs within your own business.

We offer a free consultation; we take the time to understand your company, so we can work together to create an app that will enhance your business. Contact us to get mobile working for you.

Treshna Business App - Android App Developer
  • Tablet and Phone App Development
  • Business to Business App
  • Database Integration with your Existing System
  • Cloud Integration
  • Business Application Integration
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • Data Entry App for customers and staff
  • Apps utilising Mifare and NFC (Near Field Communication)

Why choose us?

Our strength at Treshna is in the breadth of our experience; not only can we put together a good looking app for our clients, we can also draw from our background in open source programming, database integration, report management, RFID technology and our years of experience as personalised business software developers to create highly functional integrative apps. We have a great deal of experience in delivering well designed apps in time and on budget.


Each with it’s own advantages, which platform do you choose?

Porting iOS to Android - Android App Developer


  • It’s where your customers are. Android is the fastest growing smartphone operating system and has been for the past 4 years, now accounting for 80% of phone sales – helped by the hardware’s multiple price-points.

  • Easily adaptable to move with a growing business. Android is open source – this means you are in control of your own code and the platform. When the software no longer fulfils it purpose, call us and we can adapt it. Simple changes and added features can take less than 30 minutes.

  • Less red tape. Because of their ethos of open source and free software, Android app developers don’t face the same distribution restrictions that iPhone apps contend with. With Android you can distribute your app however you like, for free, without needing to follow the rules of a 3rd party.

  • Hardware flexibility and features. Android opens a world of possibilities in the hardware and features which your App can utilise including GPS, motion sensors, light sensors and near-field communication (NFC).


iOS smartphones have a prominent place in the market, and historically have been the first platform that apps have been released on. Many early adopters use iOS as their platform of choice. If your product or service targets very early adopters then you need to consider iOS as a platform to serve.

With iOS you can target and perfect a product with early adopters before hitting the larger mass market of Android.

One of the most cited reasons for the interest in focusing on iOS rather than Android is that the Apple App Store has in the past created more revenue than the Google Play Store. With the growth of the Google Play Store and popularity of Android, there is no longer a substantial difference.

If you want to cover the 96% of the market, you will have to develop for both iOS and Android.

Creating an App for your Business

There are endless ways you can use the technology behind the app revolution to enhance your business. Some of our most recent apps have had the following functionalities:

  • Managing a membership database
  • Class bookings and appointment management
  • Collecting sales
  • Viewing KPIs instantly
  • Ticketing and event management sales

What technology do we use?

Native Java

Google’s SDK for developing android apps is incredibly rich and powerful. It is a breeze to code in and a really well designed way to develop applications. It makes app development a pleasure.

Objective C

Objective C is close to the stack and gives you some raw performance benefits which none of the other languages get close to.

HTML5 – PhoneGap

Javascript is the one of the fastest growing languages in popularity. Using HTML5 and javascript you can create powerful applications for everyday use.

The same technology can be re-used on multiple different devices like your website, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile etc.

We can also develop HTML5 apps using an open source solution, PhoneGap, to give you an app for all smartphone platforms; including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. While HTML5 is commonly used for app development, it is a far more simplistic language resulting in a slower app with reduced levels of sophistication. Apps based in HTML5 tend to perform poorly in the market compared to those using Native Java.


We work with JSON and XML RREST to provide API Interface Solutions

Contact us today to find out how to have an experienced Android app developer create the best app for your business or convert your existing iPhone app onto an Android platform.