Once you’ve got your form validation handled, the question becomes what to do once your form data is valid. Performing an AJAX form submission is reasonably easy, thanks to the jQuery.ajax call:

function signup(form) {
		beforeSend: function() { 

Manual HTML form validation can be a time-consuming exercise in frustration, however the jQuery.validate makes it fast and painless, while still allowing powerful custom validation rules, and can easily be adapted to your CSS framework, in this case Bootstrap.…

VirtualBox is great, until you realise your missing the a key snapshot, or your original image and you only have the lastest snapshot on your backups. A while back I had the task of rebuilding a windows server for someone …

Recently I have been working on integrating soap into our postgresql database. Its not something easily built into postgresql, so I wrote some plpgsql functions to achieve the same purpose.

-- Create a XML request for uploading


Linux users can, of course, just use lsusb or usbview.   Run as root because on some systems, this doesn’t show all the information otherwise.

lsusb (short form)

$ sudo lsusb

Bus 002 Device 049: ID eb1a:1760 eMPIA Technology, Inc.…


Generate key on local machine

ssh-keygen -t rsa
It will ask you for a password but you can leave it blank.
Note you could also pick -t dsa if you prefer.

Ensure that the remote server has a .ssh directory