A complete documentation and guide isn’t available at this time as, I’m concentrating on development and bug fixes; any submissions and help in documenting would be most helpful.

In order to install bonddb you need the postgresql client development libraries installed, specifically libpq-fe. Postgresql 7.0 or higher is required, as bonddb uses functions specific to this version. Also glib development libaries 1.2 or higher is needed. For bonddb 0.3.0 and higher you will need bison, I’ve come across some problems under older versions of bison and I recommend you have version 1.3 or higher installed.

If you have any problems installing or using bonddb please let me know, I can’t help improve bonddb without valuable user feedback.

At the moment their is the documentation that comes with the package and the reference guide generated from the headers. The documentation for db.[ch] and dbclient.[ch] is a great place to start, the function calls in here are the ones you’ll use almost always.

BondDB 3.1.3 API reference guide

Installing the library is straight forward. Simply run ‘scons’ and ‘scons install’. You need to have bison, postgresql-dev and glib installed on your system in order to compile the code. When the library installs its shared library files into /usr/local/lib (or some prefix other than /usr/local), you will want to run “ldconfig /usr/local/lib” to notify linker of the new files.

If you have problems/questions or comments please contact us on the “bond-users” mailing list. You can subscribe to it at Bond-Users MailMan Page.LINK