Joining a Windows 7/ Windows 2008 R2 system to a Samba domain

This article suits for both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2(tested on 17/10/2010):

To join the domain for Windows 7 make sure you do the following steps:
  1. First you need to be running Samba v3.3.4 or later. Earlier versions have been reported to work, but there are some issues. 
  2. Next the Windows 7 client needs to have two registry keys added.

    DWORD DomainCompatibilityMode   = 00000001
    DWORD DNSNameResolutionRequired = 00000000
  3. The following key needs to be changed or you will receive an error when trying to login using a domain accout of “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.”

    DWORD RequireStrongKey  = 00000001
  4. DWORD RequireSignOrSeal = 00000001
Once these changes were made I was able to join the domain. I did receive an error on the join as shown in the following image, but the system seems to be working fine.