Frequently Asked Questions

Check the FAQ for answers to common questions like, “Does BOND work with XYZ database?”


Read the Installation guide for installation instructions for Debain and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions


Read How to write your first BOND application and other Database Design Tips to help get started.

Reference Documentation

For information regarding xml file formats and how to write your xml files the DTD Definition guide is a good place to start. The paymaster payroll is a good example of what can be done with bond and gives you a idea on how the XML is laid out. There are also serval examples includes with the bond source code.

The bondapi.c/.h and bondmain.c/.h files are the main API interface.

Here are the reference guides:

DTD Definition Guide 4.0
AP Reference Guide 3.1


Getting stuck? Check our Troubleshooting guide first. If it doesn’t answer your question then ask on the mailing list