Q Does Bond work with MySQL?
A No, at the time of writing BondDB, MySQL lacked constraints, views and transactional support. All of these elements were needed initially to get Bond to work, so only PostgreSQL was supported. Once MySQL has adequate support for these things a plug-in can be developed to enable MySQL support.

Q Can Bond help me convert my databases from MS Access or VB?
A Bond can make a good replacement for Access/VB front ends and I’ve used it to replace a number of databases. The data needs to be exported to a PostgreSQL database (many good programmes for doing this). And the BondXML file needs to be written from scratch to describe the user interface. There’s no quick way to convert your databases however.

Q Does Bond run under Windows?
A Yes it does. We use mingw to cross compile it to windows.

Q When will BondHTML be ready?
A Its well under the way and in the stages of been ready for beta release. uihtml will be released under the GPL licence, but the webserver we have developed to delivery it may not be release under the GPL.

Q Can I use Bond with Oracle 9i database on Linux?
A No not at the moment. Adding Oracle support is a lot easier than MySQL but unfortunately I have not had the time or need to create a plug-in for Oracle yet.

Q How does Bond compare to Rekall and Kexi?
A Bond is a development tool while Rekall and Kexi are complete database development environments. Bond does not provide a gui for development but works with other tools to provide that. Once you become familure with bond you’ll find you can quickly develop applications within a few hours, complex applications within a few weeks.

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