Mailing lists are back and working. Though you will need to re-subscribe by emailing with the subject line of subscribe.

2006-01-18 A major rewrite of the latex engine was done by Andrea Grassi. This is included in the papyrus 1.5.2 release.

2005-03-01 Many thanks to Manuel Sorian for adding support for oracle to postgresql in the 1.4.4 release.

2005-02-08 Stable version of GUI for Papyrus has been released. Changes to the DTD are in the README file.

2004-12-23 I have just added the first release of the GUI for papyrus. Not all the features are working yet and it’s a wee bit buggy but it works most of the time. It is available on the download page. If it’s not, hassle Dru about it.

2004-08-11 Work has been underway by sam for a GTK front end for papyrus. This will allow you to select which reports you want to run from a list, and then will ask you for the necessary parameters for running the report. This should be available sometime down the track.

Thanks to Noel for a patch for letter sizing support. Being in New Zealand I kinda forget about that sized paper.

I’m going away to Afghanistan for a month on the 13th. If you have questions, problems when I am gone can you email sam at or the mailing list regarding them.

2004-03-16 1.3.5 release now has libgda support, so now a lot more databases are supported like ODBC, sql lite, and LDAP. Please refer to the site for documentation regarding setting this up. You specifiy ./confugure –enable-libgda=yes when compiling and parse in an xml tag of type=”libgda” and provider=”libgdaprovider”

2004-01-06 Another release of papyrus. It fixes a lot of bugs found and fixed largely by tim. In the future I hope to have a gtk front end for running reports and a an ability to send direct sql statements to the reporting engine either to be outputed as a report, mail merge or email send out.

Papyrus now has a bugzilla has account setup. Bugs can be registered at