Paymaster Help

Help Wanted

Paymaster has been written by a few programmers in their free time with some paid developers help. Treshna supports the open source community but we would really appreciate any help in developing this software. Feedback, words of encouragement, or even donations to help cover our costs. Linux has long been without an adequate payroll solution and we would like to help do something about that.

CVS access can be provided if you want it. If you have some specific HR requirements modifying the schema and bond xml files is relativily easy to do.

Paymaster for your country

We are relying on support from the open source community to ensure that Paymaster works in as many countries as possible.

Paymaster has been developed in New Zealand, however it has been designed to be easily ported to different countries. Each country has its own laws regarding employment, tax and holidays and these need to be covered by the system. There is a plugin library system, which will allow every country to have its own standard library which will contain calculations for each country’s own requirements.

Being able to write good payroll software for an international market is complicated by the varying laws in every country regarding payroll systems, taxation and leave. We are continually trying to make certain that our code would work for many countries. Functions for calculating tax and leave are kept in separate libraries with their own APIs so that other countries can be easily added if someone knows their own laws. The project contains documentation on adding other countries. You need a bit of C experience and knowledge of taxation and leave laws in your own country in order to add other countries.

If you have specific requirements, or want a Linux payroll solution for your country but don’t want the headache of coding we can provide a commercial solution for meeting your requirements and would be more than happy to provide a quote.