Road Map

At the moment paymaster is in testing phase

0.1.0 – complete
Design of database schema and user interface completed. Most the forms used in paymaster need to be designed. Employees can be added/edited/removed/navigated. Payrates can be modified, set etc. Company details can be set up.

0.2.0 – complete
Configuration system for paymaster with plugin module for functions to be under way. Default pay working correctly, a change in tax rate will change the default pay transactions.

0.3.0 – complete
Batch processing implemented. Basic tax calculations working and implemented. Bond related bugs in employee forms resolved.

0.4.0 – complete
Ledger system refined. Ability to do manual pays added.

0.5.0 – complete
Full tax calculation, insurance, student deductions, loan repayments working.

0.6.0 – complete
Leave and hours in lieu calculations added and working correctly storing in their own employees’ ledgers.

0.8.0 – complete
Adding of all the required transactions and ledgers. User interface tidied up and bug fixes

0.9.0 – complete
Reporting and bug fixes.

1.0.0 – complete
Electronic banking and electronic taxation submissions tools written for NZ.